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Vocalist. Composer. Engineer. Producer. Performer.

Tim Pitchford is a passion-filled, critically acclaimed composer, singer/songwriter, musician, audio engineer, and producer based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. As a professional & full-time musician, Tim shares his music both nationally and globally online to help others appreciate life through music.   

As a child, Tim’s father was the owner of a country music radio station so there is little wonder why his work has been inspired by the likes of Australian artists, Graeme Connors, John Farnham, and Lee Kernighan. He was drawn to the meaning and purpose behind songs of substance. Nowadays, his vocal style is Soul Arena Rock, and his songwriting is infused with Soul, Blues, Jazz, Metal, Rock and Progressive Metal influences. 

As a musical story-teller, Tim feels humbled by the huge responsibly he has to deliver meaningful stories to his listeners. His mission is to use his own life experiences to inform his lyrics, thereby giving his listeners purpose and hope. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Tim finds beauty in the trials and triumphs of life and music is the vehicle he uses to share his insights with the world. Uniquely, Tim’s humility and passion for humanity is evident in his soul-filled tracks. Fueled by an innate need to help others, Tim’s tracks take listeners on an incredible ride.  

As a vocalist, pianist, producer, & audio engineer, Tim is a sought-after musician, playing & mixing at gigs, festivals, and functions throughout the East Coast of Australia. 

Nestled in a purpose-built studio on Tamborine Mountain, “Symphony Hill Studios”, Tim takes pride in being a full-time session vocalist as well as composing and producing a vast array of production library music for use within Film & TV around the world. Composing music to the genres of orchestral arrangements for action, drama, horror, crime, and romance as well as light-hearted inspirational solo piano and organic instrumental pieces. Working alongside incredible music libraries in both Europe and the United States, Tim is determined to spread the message of authentic music far and wide around the world. 

When he is not sharing his spirit with listeners, he can be found enjoying family life, and is one heck of a handyman, having built his music studio as an investment for future productions. He is a fantasy and sci-fi lover and enjoys watching a flick or two with his beautiful wife and 2 daughters. 

Simply put, Tim is here to live, love, laugh, learn, and leave a legacy! If he can help one person to escape through music, one soul to feel more connected, one listener to learn to love again, then that is ‘mission accomplished’. Tim sings with spirit, composes with life, and is forever inspiring listeners to follow in his footsteps and live the life they have imagined.





Tim is an enthusiastic musical story-teller with a passion for film & TV composition. With countless hours spent in his purpose-built production studio 'Symphony Hill Studios', Tim has been actively engaged in professional music composing & production since early 2019. With his fresh approach and eager 'let's make it happen' attitude, Tim has found some incredible work partners and projects.

Tim forms one half of the composing powerhouse entitle 'Timbre' which includes audio specialist, fellow composer, musician and mentor Brent Henshaw (Bertofski Productions). Both Tim and Brent work seamlessly together to truly bring ideas and projects to life with their unique style of interpretation. Timbre has been involved in 3 major projects since its inception and has since garnered some success and awareness of local and interstate film-makers & composers alike.

Although a power-house duo, Tim also works on an array of solo projects and strives to consistently deliver an exceptional standard of musical quality for all projects. Whether it is composition, arrangement, and production on a stand-alone track for artists, a full album, or just straight film & TV working with directors and sound designers, Tim has created many special and unique pieces of music and continues to share his passion with the world. 

"By working together, it allows magical ideas to flow... let's make musical magic together!" - Tim Pitchford

 For samples of Tim's work alongside film credits, click here!

Tim's production studio - 'Symphony Hill Studios'

Tim's production studio - 'Symphony Hill Studios'



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South East QLD

As well as entertaining and composing, I'm a Gold Coast/Brisbane based Audio Engineer and I'm always looking to expand my services where possible for any artists and touring bands coming through.

You provide the specs, and I'll provide a quote.

I can work anything from a small scale coffee shop gig through to larger-scale productions with more time and planning involved, such as full-scale production stage shows, festival FOH (Front of house) & monitors and much much more.

Fill in your details below and I will get back to you with 24 hrs or less.

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NORM (2019)
Dark Comedy / Crime Thriller 

​In the small town of Erryville, Norm, a meek 60-year-old, is driving home one night when his overbearing wife continuously calls him to run errands. Near the end of his tether, Norm, fantasies in killing his wife and questions whether tonight he’ll have the courage to do it for real. However, his journey home is interrupted when a young bull-headed woman wakes up in the boot of his car and causes Norm’s night to escalate out of control and into the real world of murder. 

Run Time: 24min

Written & Directed by 
Amanda Kaye 

Rob Horton 
Sasha Anderson 
Emily Rowbottom 

Original Score & Music by 
Tim Pitchford 
Brent Henshaw


Bring your story to life through music!

The art of storytelling in musical form is simply exquisite. When combined with picture, it truly comes alive! Let Tim bring your ideas to life with session vocals & compositions that truly capture the heart and imagination!

Tim is available to sing, compose, produce and engineer all types of music for Artists, Producers, Film, Television & Games. From simple songs or film trailers to documentaries, as well as TV Commercials and more, Tim can transform your ideas efficiently and tastefully.

Contact Tim for more information!

Do you want Tim to perform at your next event? Or perhaps you need vocals or music for your next project?

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Available services: 

Performer - Live Solo Performance (Events, Festivals, Corporate, Live Broadcast, Interviews)
Session – Vocalist (Session work, Live performance, artist collaborations)
Film – Short Film, Feature Film, Documentaries, Animations, Trailers 
Television – Full-Length, Mini-Series, Pilots, Theme Songs 
Advertising – Commercial Videos 
Podcasting/Vidcasting – YouTube, Vimeo, Discord 
Music Production – Artist Services, Producing, Programming, sequencing & recording virtual instruments, Collaboration