From the recording Hard to say goodbye

Written, Recorded & Produced by Tim Pitchford

Vocals/Keys - Tim Pitchford
Bass Guitar - Omar Hanlon
Drums - Ashley Higgins

Mixed & Mastered by Alex Kewley of Altitude Music Studios


Verse 1 
Driving home, Never felt, more alone 
None of the noises I know, and love 
Just my thoughts and I... 
I want to wrap my arms around you, baby 
And never let you go, no... 
I can’t help but feel the way I do 
And I know that you are feelin’ it too, cause 
It’s so hard to say goodbye 
Walk away with misty eyes 
Oh, I’m feeling all the reasons why 
It’s so hard, It’s so hard 
It’s so hard to say goodbye 
Verse 2 
Driving home, I pull over, feeling numb 
Fighting back the urge to turn around 
Just my heartbeat and I... 
I want to save you from the world, Darlin’ 
And keep you by my side, yeah 
But I know you’ve got the strength to keep it together 
But do I...?! 

I ain’t never gonna stand to let you fall 
I can’t take it, You’re my baby… oh.. 
I know and you know it’s going to happen sometime 
And it doesn’t make it easy… No no no..